Mind the wings….and soar!!!

Spread Your WingsYesterday I witnessed the birth of an angel. 

Recently Maddie had another vision.  This time instead of being filled with mermaid tails, it was of angel wings.  Armed with a self-drawn and designed pattern, she spent days fashioning her creation.  There were feathers in every corner of the house, some even hot glued to the carpet.  One day after a severely blistered finger, a failed attempt to sew a dress from old costumes, and a couple unfruitful trips to thrift stores in search of angel dress, she cried and cried, worried that her vision would remain just that, simply a vision.  But, a few days later she announced that she had achieved success.  She told me “not to look” as she lead me upstairs to her room.  Opening the door,  I was speechless.  There on the floor were the most beautiful pair of wings that I could even imagine,  (and, I have imagined a few, especially after the Victoria’s Secret runway debut in 1998!). Each feather had been mindfully placed with love.  The wings seemed to glow! 

 A few days later, the questions in my mind began.  I asked her, “What are you going to do with the wings?”  “Wear them to school for Halloween!” she answered, looking at me with an expression of “seriously mom, like, how could you not know that?” As a mom and a school psychologist, I kept asking her if it was “okay” to wear them to school.  Even more “mom” questions popped out, such as “How will you sit at your desk?”  “Will the teachers care?”  “Can you even get through the doors of the school?”  “Won’t the other students bump into you in the hallway?”   But each time she patiently assured me that it was more than possible, in fact she was going to do it! And, she said, the other students would have to just “mind the wings,” as she passed. 

 Finally the morning of her angelic flight arrived.  She was jumping with excitement yesterday as we gingerly placed the wings in the back seat of the car.  Picking up her little friend on the way there, I pulled up in front of the school.  She quickly tied them onto her back and I kissed her cheek as she joyfully marched away. Wiping away tears, I snapped some quick pictures as she flew, merging with the throng of students heading towards the school doors.  With a last, giant smile of joy she glanced at me and floated out of view into the crowd.

I stood there swimming in happy tears, realizing how fast my angels have grown their wings, how quickly time has transformed my little girls into young women.   There she was again, living out her unique story with confidence, joy and determination.   It was one of those mom moments, now etched in my mind forever.  

Mind the wings!  I say, and soar……..



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