Mind the wings….and soar!!!


Yesterday I witnessed the birth of an angel.  Recently Maddie had another vision.  This time instead of being filled with mermaid tails, it was of angel wings.  Armed with a self-drawn and designed pattern, she spent days fashioning her creation.  There were feathers in every corner of the house, some even hot glued to the carpet.  One day after a severely blistered finger, a failed attempt to sew a dress from old costumes, and a…

Awesome Regardless


You are awesome no matter what you have said, thought, or done in your life. When you realize that NOTHING can change the essence of who you are, (a Divine Being), then you begin to change your outer circumstances. Getting clear that you are AWESOME regardless is the very fundamental awareness necessary for sustainable joyful living. Anything less than operating from this belief, sets you up for self-judgment.