unnamedSo many women experience self-doubt, helplessness, and imprisoning stories that hold them back from experiencing true and lasting love.  I was one of those women.  I thought if I could just pin down my fairytale and secure my own Prince Charming, then I would be able to silence and put to rest a deep inner pain of feeling unlovable and unworthy. 

This pain came to an all-time high at the time of my divorce.  My search for Prince Charming went into overdrive which culminated in a date—to Australia—that changed my life. As exotic as that transcontinental adventure sounds, it didn’t work out. The date fell apart shortly after Mr. Wall Street and I landed in Sydney.  I was mortified when we went our separate ways. It was yet another disappointment, this time on another continent. But what ensued was so powerful that now I wouldn’t trade it for anything–it dramatically shifted my entire life. In those lost days in Sydney, I suddenly experienced such intense peace and tranquility that I immediately stopped chasing men for love and satisfaction and began to ask myself the question—what would life be like if I were to live my love story out with me?

unnamed2In hitting the pause button on the search, I began to go within and truly find more love than I thought was possible.  This wasn’t an immediate find.  At first the lack of attention and spending time with my own impoverished spirit was super painful and difficult.  The urge to distract was BIG. However, in this book I discuss the ways in which I began to develop a genuine relationship with myself.  I activated the high witness within myself to gain a perspective of a higher place inside, beyond the story and beyond the drama I had become so addicted to.  What I found was ways to treat myself with self-compassion and actual acceptance, a spiritual practice of stillness and solitude and learning to live life from a higher vibrational place.

In this book, I show women that transformation is possible, leading them through various methods in which they can access and awaken their heart center to find sustainable peace and contentment. They have the power to access that beautiful love that is within them, that is within all of us.  If I could transform from a struggling, needy, lonely divorcee raising two daughters alone and looking for love in all the wrong places, to a confident, peaceful, fully alive woman totally in love with herself, then anyone can do it!