I’m Zemirah and this is my love story. 

Once upon a time not so very long ago, I was a single mom, raising two daughters mostly on my own with little financial or parenting support. I used to feel so very overwhelmed, tired, exhausted even.  Sometimes it felt like I was at the bottom of a well looking up and I couldn’t seem to get the traction I needed for real, sustainable change.  I would timidly take one step forward and then, it seemed like, three steps back.

What’s more is that I CONSTANTLY worried about money.  I would count toilet paper rolls, the amount of water we used, and would whine with fear when my daughters asked for an expensive item at the grocery store.  I was wallowing in lack.

I was an expert worrier.  In the middle of the night.  I would wake up terrified that I wouldn’t be able to cover the bills and make ends meet.  I would feel so sad as I considered that I wasn’t giving my daughters the kind of lifestyle I always dreamed of.

In the midst of my ultimate discomfort, I looked for ways to feel better.  I went on an epic search for Prince Charming….to no avail.   So epic that I ended up on a Match.com date—to Australia—that  finally produced a wake up call.  As exotic as that sounds, nothing went as planned and the date fell apart shortly after Mr. Wall Street and I landed in Sydney. It was yet another dating disaster, this time on another continent. But what ensued after we went our separate ways was so powerful that now I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. In those lost days in Sydney, I suddenly experienced such intense tranquility that I immediately stopped chasing others for love and began to live my love story with myself.  Over the next few years, in this love story with ME, I let go of my false perceptions, victim mentality, and judgment once and for all.  I instantly discovered the most peaceful place I have ever known—my inner Shangri-La, my relationship to Self.   It’s the state I now refer to as Shangri-love. 

Since I woke up to my distractor factors and began to live in Shangri-love, I got really serious about creating lasting change to experience a sustainable sense of joy, consistency in living from my heart, and generating for myself feelings of deep satisfaction and peace.   

When I finally went within and spent time within my heart in stillness and solitude, I found peace.  It was the kind of peace that was sustainable and everlasting and it was not based on something that was moving around outside of me. 

As a result, my life began to completely restructure itself and I started experiencing joy, the kind that blooms from the inside and isn’t dependent on some external source.  In this book I describe the ways I found radical self-acceptance, engaged in practices of self-compassion and love, and awakened my ultimate love story…this time from within my own heart. 

You can live the love story that is within you too!  Order your copy here, curl up in a snuggly place, and begin to saturate yourself with love from within your very own heart. 

Wishing you so much love,