Having to do Everything!!!

Garden StatueHaving to do everything was a power play that I used to do to help myself feel worthy and needed.  I would run around and around doing it ALL in hopes that other people’s validation would help me fill the giant hole inside that craved to be seen and heard.  I was exhausted.  I wondered why I couldn’t get a handle on life.  My ego would be temporarily rewarded when someone acknowledged what I had done, but then it was back to the seeking validation again.  Then I realized that power play was a set up.  The world would still spin without me doing all these things.  In fact, if I wasn’t feeling better from doing it, like deeply satisfied and genuinely good, then why was I doing it in the first place?  The results just didn’t stick.  I still didn’t feel good more of the time than not. If my worthiness was constantly sourced from the external world of change, then it would constantly be changing.

How could I source my worthiness from within?  What did I need to change in order to feel good within me no matter what happened in my external world?  I wanted to feel deeply nurtured and nourished by my actions and my thoughts, how could I attain that?  Where was that sustainable joy and satisfaction with me and what could I do to deeply connect with it?

The good news is that I found it!  It wasn’t a walk in the park, it required a LOT of courage and soul stamina, but what I found is attainable by EVERYONE!

Shangri-LOVE is that very story…..stay tuned for more insight unfolding.



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