I Don’t Know Everything Yet

The mind likes to think it has all the answers. My mind coach used to
have a saying that said, “Just for today, I will remember that I don’t
know everything yet.” I used to get tripped up on how that thought
could really help me in life. I got it, but I didn’t really GET it. When you
allow the mind to suspend judgment and to let go of needing to have
all the answers, you are free to create feeling good moments
throughout your day. Letting go and realizing that you have what is
here now in any given minute and that you don’t really know if
something is bad or good or right or wrong. To know if something was
good/bad, right/wrong would mean that you know absolutely
everything. When you are free of attachments to those thoughts about
right/wrong or good/bad, then you are free to allow preference to step
to the front of your life. You can then we decide what you want to do
based on claiming what you WANT to do in each and every moment.
This links you up to taking responsibility for your thoughts and
feelings! Have at it. Enjoy practicing the thought “I don’t know
everything yet” and see where it leads you.
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