Navigating From the Heart

DSC_0154Navigating differences of opinion, (often known as “conflict”), can be tricky and delicate. To stay firmly inyour own camp, and to speak authentically from the heart is a beautiful art form that requires patience, and practice. When we approach differences or challenges from a place of judgement, it is easy to activate defense mechanisms on either side.

Today, if you find yourself in a situation of difference of opinion or encountering the desire to express what you don’t like to another, try
letting go of attachment to “wrong” or “right” and begin to speak clearly from a place of preference. First, get to a cool, calm and
collected place within yourself. Focus on breathing in and out from your heart center. Next, speak to the other person from a neutral
space. Remember, this is not about changing the other person, (something that is not possible anyway), it is about owning your own
preferences and expressing your authentic desires.
You are always in charge of you.
Here is a possible sentence starter to try out: “I may be totally off
base, but when you __________, I tend to feel ____________ or to think
This generally opens the space for conversation and sharing from both sides and takes the “blame, guilt, and judgment” out
of it.
Stay in your own camp.  Speak from your heart and share your preference.  Stay focused on taking care of you.  The more authentically you are YOU, sharing openly and honestly, the more authentically you have more of YOU available to connect to others.
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