Finding lasting love and experiencing it in every area of your life is a big job. In this book, inspirational author Zemirah Jazwierska reveals how her obsessive quest for love set her on a collision course with herself that eventually awakened her to her own inner love story—the most empowering relationship she had ever known. Now she shares her fool-proof method for achieving permanent satisfaction in love and enduring happiness in life—from within.

If you are ready to embark on a personal adventure to encounter your authentic self, this book is for you.  Drawing from her nearly twenty years of spiritual study, coaching practice and personal transformational experiences, Zemirah gives you the tools to access and live the love story within YOU. 

Discover how to:

  • Let go of the thoughts and beliefs that keep you separate from yourself and others by shifting your perceptions and re-programming your mind for positivity
  • Surrender fully to the current of life, allowing and accepting all that is
  • Give up victim mentality and take 100-percent responsibility for every part of your life
  • Activate self-compassion and experience a deep love yourself by connecting with your heart, accepting yourself exactly as you are in this moment
  • Learn to navigate from your center, especially when you encounter bumps along your life path
  • Awaken your heart to connect with your personal Shangri-love, finding lasting peace, fulfillment, and love


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